Character Ideas

Ideas for characters, their appearance, and potentially what role they play in the book.

Bae’yorlhin – The Silent. A feared assassin who has long been a servant to the human kings of the mainland. He is the last of a group of elven warriors kept as prisoners and was said to be enthralled by magick. He has served as the royal assassin for several generations, some estimate 150 years. His skin is a very pale white and his ears have a pronounced, knife-life shape.

King 3

– The young king. Ruthlessly usurped his older, weaker brother to place himself on the throne. He was aided by his consorts who believed setting this ploy in motion would benefit them. Their new kind, sensing disloyalty, immediately has them executed.

– Keeps a royal assassin, the elf Baeorlin, the Silent Death.

– The lords who supported his brother’s claim were the old order: sworn swords, old lords, and bannermen. Later in the book there is an iconic scene in which the new king, having just been crowned, summons the remainder of these loyalists to bend the knee. Many, seeing there being other option, are quick to accept whereas others are more hesitant. It turns out to be a ruse however, the amnesty merely a ploy to route out those who may still pose danger to the new king. He draws his father’s heirloom blade and hurls it into the open court, promising the last man into his new kingdom. They fight, some in noble attire, others in plate. The last man standing happens to be a knight and one of the steadfast retainers of the old king. After a dramatic monologue, he hurls the blade toward the throne, falling to a storm of arrows.

– Fearful of magic. Tries to influence the Inquisitor and his retinue.

– Expels the court wizard (tries to have him killed first). Fragile relations with the circle.

– Also expels the commander of his father’s honour guard.

– Much of the magick-hunting trade surrounds the 1 capital. Its master of coin is ordered to pay bounties on rogue magick users, sometimes leading to accidental (?) killings of the innocent.



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