Set Pieces

Various set pieces inspired by films, books, and other media.

Sky burial

A mountain tribe call upon a ranger to retrieve the body of its former elder when it is snatched by a beast during a traditional sky burial.

Prison Overrun

A prison lies between the empire and their enemies. When the enemy makes a sudden attack, the empire abandons the prison, leaving those inside in the hands of fate.

  • Which character ends up in this prison and why?
  • Who do they meet?
  • How do the escape the coming onslaught?

Mass Grave

A rider awakes from a concussion to find himself among the bodies of allies and enemies following a brutal battle. His armour stripped, he fights his way back to camp.

The False King 

The book starts with the death of a king, a false king. After making a claim for the throne, he wages a brutal campaign on the king to overthrow him and expand. His enemies are able to rally the fragmented kingdoms while drawing on their alliance with the elves. Together, along with several dwarfen clans and horselord tribe, the frontline is pushed to borders of the usurper’s own capital. With defeat drawing near, he sends his most loyal soldiers to die in one final battle while sealing himself in the keep. From the highest tower he watches as they fight valiantly but are completely overwhelmed by the allied forces. Fearing death or to live out his remaining days as a prisoner, he throws himself from the ramparts.

His brother, long banished, is appointed to rule by the king who has now ascended to become emperor, having unified the once dispersed nations of the mainland. Compared to his brother, he is beloved by the people though still takes pride in their traditions. Although suited to help the emperor rebuild and expand, his court have other ideas and eventually one of them, who escapes prison after the war, becomes ruler.

Flaming Horses

Realising he is outnumbered, Kublai sacrifices his strongest steeds, setting them aflame before charging them into the enemy camp. Scattering in all directions, as soon as one makes contact with the black powder silo, it explodes.

Who uses black powder? Dwarfs.

The Horse Chain

Against a mounted cavalry, a grounded forces lays a giant chain in the tall grass. As the cavalry breaks into a charge the spiked chain is lifted, snaring the steeds and dragging their riders down. It is only then that the archers take to the ramparts and rain down fire on the confused enemy.


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