The High Seas

Piracy, raiding, and seafaring. Here are some ideas about what kind of stories unfold upon the high seas.

One storyline that continues to crop up is that of an unexplored island. Between the East and West is an ocean hosting hundreds of small, scattered islands, many of them unexplored.

One such island houses a place of power once built by the Old Ones. Following their disappearance, this temple city fell into ruin, an ancient race of lizard-like creatures having taken up residence, waiting for their master’s return.

It’s a lustrous island buried in vines and greenery. The precursor relics still remain untouched. Treasures such as these entice pirates and other expeditions to come and explore.

Two rivals come in search of the relics. This creates a storyline similar to that seen in The Heart of Darkness of Apocalypse Now.

  • An exiled dwarf warlord turned pirate that rules the western seas.
  • A human ship captain sent from the Kingdom (similar to Francis Drake).

A condensed history of the human captain:

One story is of a sea captain who is financed by the kingdom of Wei to circumnavigate the globe and discover faraway lands.

Drake is a commoner born to a religious farming family who fled to the north during the Yellow Turban rebellion.

Here he would work as an apprentice on a small barque. He would then inherit this ship from his master who would die with no wife or children of which to speak. A wisened sailor himself, he would regale Drake of tales from the far seas and the bountiful riches that wait beyond. He would also tell him of the Wu’s fledgling fleets and their inferior naval prowess along with the Kikongo’s in the southern peninsula.

In a way, Drake would become a son to his master. On his deathbed, his master would tell him to take flight and conquer the sea yet advised him not to make the same mistakes he did – to never fall in love and leave a legacy.


Drake would continue sailing his barque until the southern rebellion. Under Wei’s orders he would take on board a crew of soldiers to repel a sea invasion from the south. The small trading ship wove between two commandeered galleons that Drake returned, singlehandedly, to the Cao’s seat in the north province.


He has an unmatched talent and one that the Cao’s sought to use by sending him to far lands in search of riches to boost their own influence.


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