North: Ghelt



The warrior who is taken capture by the Western slavers is a Ghelt – an outcast of the wilder tribes.

Life in the north can be fast and brutal. The northmen face threats on all fronts, whether it be invading orcs, roaming giants, or rival clans looking to expand their settlements.

Living in these conditions can either break a man or galvanise him. It’s no coincidence that the chiefs and warlords of this region embrace the madness and bloodshed, turning it into a weapon.

For others, this trauma can lead to ruin. Some warriors, unable to dispel their frenzy, will kill or be killed by their own. Others will throw themselves from bluffs. Those who survive are branded “Ghelt” – cursed ones, tainted by Lord of Death. It’s believed their presence will bring suffering, meaning many are cast out.

To the west of this region lies a dense woodland that meets the mountain ridge and western shore. It is here that the Ghelt are exiled.



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