Magic Order – Chapter One

Will cover manage of the concepts surrounding magic use, origin, and the Magic Order itself.

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The West – Despot

Loosely based on Dong Zhuo. A northern warlord who, through his military might and shrewd advisors, managed to win favour within the Imperial Court. Would play a hand in the death of the emperor who would gradually fall ill.

  • Won his influence through participating in a war against a religious uprising. Instead of just pursuing the zealots and militias, his forces would attack settlements. One such settlement, a monastery, was attacked. It’s citizens were raped, tortured, and forced to kill each other among other unspeakable acts.
  • A general intercepts him on his return,


  • Is ultimately pushed all the way back to a fortress he had previous razed to show an example to his enemies. His men put up a feeble defence, manning the charred walls. Deserters face. Knowing the enemy army was soon approaching, some kill civilians to get their clothes and blend in with the non-soldiers.