The West – Despot

Loosely based on Dong Zhuo. A northern warlord who, through his military might and shrewd advisors, managed to win favour within the Imperial Court. Would play a hand in the death of the emperor who would gradually fall ill.

  • Won his influence through participating in a war against a religious uprising. Instead of just pursuing the zealots and militias, his forces would attack settlements. One such settlement, a monastery, was attacked. It’s citizens were raped, tortured, and forced to kill each other among other unspeakable acts.
  • A general intercepts him on his return,


  • Is ultimately pushed all the way back to a fortress he had previous razed to show an example to his enemies. His men put up a feeble defence, manning the charred walls. Deserters face. Knowing the enemy army was soon approaching, some kill civilians to get their clothes and blend in with the non-soldiers.

Humans – Yungor

The barren steppes between the heartland and the deserts beyond belong to no one. Vast and lifeless, it’s almost impossible to navigate on foot without ample provisions and guide able traverse its emptiness.

Many travelling caravans have tried to follow the northern mountain ridge, using it as a guide into the east. However, these climbs have long been the domain of trolls and goblins.

The Yunghal are experts in riding and hunting.

Once a disparate people, they were united by Kobhul the Chosen, a vicious warlord who even the troll tribes feared. He understood warfare on the open fields and how his shock cavalry could outrun and outmatch any opponent.

For several years he led a campaign west, pillaging and razing settlements, smashing warbands are militias.

Although feared on the open field, his attempts at siegecraft often failed. The Yunghal lacked the ability to build siege engines or transport them.

Kobhul’s hatred of mages would ultimately lead him away from the greenland and out into the east.

Having heard of his brutality towards magick users, the Triarchs of Shara Dauv sent a Hood of Vipers. A declaration of war.




The Kingdom of Shara Dauv

Inspired by Arabic/Chinese history and culture, Shara Dauv lies in the East and, despite its distance from the mainland kingdoms, plays a significant role in how the story plays out.

  • A holy city where magick users have their own castes and hierarchy.
  • The commons worship magick users.
  • A necropolis stands in the centre of Shara Dauv where mages use elemental magic to preserve the dead.